Collectif Parlee Cycles


We are more than our results.

We are a group of friends that have embraced the hard efforts of the cyclist lifestyle. We are adventurers, racers, travellers, we train, race, travel ; rain or shine, not because we have to, but because we want to.

And so, because we do this all the time, because it’s our passion, we have stories to tell.

Plenty of inspiring tales of fun and suffering on the bike.

We propose to tell those stories through videos and photography, casting the team as the first role. Winter preparation, training camp, travel, races and other singular moments of the season are to be captured, assembled, set to music before being released to our social media platforms and those of our partners.

Those season-defining moments will be used to emphasize the cyclist lifestyle, how this affects our mindset, our take on life, our health and ultimately, the equipment we decide to use.

We ride for the sheer beauty of cycling, with the desire to persevere through the toughest challenges. Through the lens of a camera, our adventures, much like the bonfire stories, are meant to be told. They define us as athletes, but above and beyond, as humans.

It’s all about a passion for cycling that becomes a lifestyle.


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