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Collectif Parlee Cycles is, when it comes to equipments, unsponsored. We choose and work with partners that makes sense for us, with people and products that add value to the experience on and off the bike. We have been lucky enough to deal with some tier-one suppliers ever since day one, willing to go above and beyond. This year, we've moved from Giro footwear to Shimano. Some say this is a bold move considering Giro is still very much at the top of the food chain in terms of innovation, performance, classiness and durability. Maybe not bold, but a least scary to some extent. Shimano has never been a natural or a go-to brand for footwear, at least locally. However, it felt like the time was right : new products coming out, a stronger than ever Canadian distributor and a very positive personal experience with their mtb/cx products. Our choice for 2017 is the classy, comfy, affordable and surprisingly stiff RC7. Oh! and it fits seamlessly with our new team kit, which I'm not going to show you today, in case you were wondering. #collectifparlee #patiosurf đŸ“· : @niclazda